Pops out in the garage sanding and staining picture frames and the swoosh of his sand block and the sound of blues crackling through an old CD player and Mom inside screaming on the phone in a whisper, upsetting the dog and burning her hands on the glue gun.

And sisters, on the far end, yelling down the hall and playing records and reading and building bonds they won't realize for years to come.

And the sound of the water rippling from the pool in the back and the bamboo creaking with each Autumn-heralding gust that also disturbs the chimes in the front of the house.

The environment was the backdrop to all that I played and listened to and knew and still know.

This is a collection of musical projects that are inspired by an outside stimulus, whether it's art, installation or event. I often use the bass as a starting point, the journey, however, is the where the true magic reveals itself. Employing effect pedals, computer processing and modular synthesis, my goal is to create simple, beautiful environments.