(Plustapes PT-46)

Everyone needs a break from recordings in the red, and for us, there is no better place to turn than the understated piano power of Grey Ghosts, our latest release here at Plustapes. Brian Griffith is a busy man, playing bass in Very Truly Yours and synth drones in L’éternèbre, but Grey Ghost is his solo sound. “Hot Mess” opens up the a-side with momentary static before a warmly warbling synth loop and the slow decay of a piano take up the melody. It is muted, quiet, all lonely late-Romantic lowercase compartments amid an ambient haze for fans of the sedate sounds of Eluvium, Hauschka, Library Tapes and Erik Satie. Far from background music, songs charting the murky depths of the unconscious like “All Around You” or the sweetly cerebral on “Cloud Formations” will lure you in to your own private place. Keep warm this winter with Grey Ghost.

Songs to Wake Up to