Memoirs of Dementia

Memoirs of Dementia


Released by Constellation Tatsu in the January 2013 batch
CASSETTE SOLD OUT (except at live shows)

My Great Grandmother (Francis) was a fixture in my life. Our family (maternal and fraternal siblings' families included), all 15 of us, lived within 20 minutes (or less) of each other. Including the extended members and the number reaches to over 20. With the familial hierarchy being rather traditional, Great Grandma was at the top. The pinacle of what we all could achieve.
Weekends would be spent at her home in one of the many Floridian communities for seniors. Her's had a man-made lake where I would yell to hear the echo and play in her sparsly-decorated lanai. She would read Charlotte's Web to me. I would eat Werther's. These are my last memories of her before she was moved to the nursing home. She had the beginning stages of dementia and could no longer care for herself. I don't remember a great deal of struggle on her part, but I do remember my estranged, lesbian Great Aunt (whom I had never heard a mention of in the decade+ I had been on the Earth) coming out of the wood work.
The next 12 or so years until her death at age 98 was interesting and sad, but at the same time fascinating. The idea that your knowledge, your sense of self and grasp of reality could be taken away was contradictory to everything I had been raised on. Stay true to yourself; trust you intuition; use your head; all of these self-empowering mantras turned to nothing but platitudes.

"Memoirs of Dementia" is all improvised using minimal tools. An effort to commit my memories to tape in the language I speak the best.

Improvised in 2012. Franklin Village, Los Angeles, CA.

Video for Nectar of the Eastern Gods (by Sarah Zucker)