Inner Work

Inner Work
  1. Morph

  2. Warm Autumn Sun

  3. Midday

  4. A Mountain Pass At Dawn

  5. Sing Through The Sacrum

  6. Imagined Seas

  7. Complexities of Existence

  8. (BONUS) Entire Album Reversed

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Small moments of repose leave room for inspiration. Flickering solitude of a still mind crawls over consciousness like an unexpected, yet welcome, friend. Fleeting as these moments are, their afterimage lingers as a gentle aura, softening the edges of ourselves and the world. 

Inner Work is a collection of spontaneous vignettes recorded Summer - Autumn of 2017.

Piccolo Bass Guitar is the host voice for these pieces, with a touch of radio and a Casiotone coming in as guests.
A small sample-based modular system manipulates Ccreated by these friends.

Cover Photograph by Angela Frances Wilson