Who I am and What I do

I play the bass guitar and I use it to craft beautiful ambient soundscapes and experimental New Age music.
My Solo Work can be found under the name greyghost, though I have retired that moniker for the time being; look for a new release on Aural Canyon under my full name, Brian James Griffith.

Electric Sound Bath, with Angela Wilson, is an experimental new age duo that works with meditation facilitators and does durational, improvised performances.

I co-founded #ScreamingClaws, an improvised music collective, which has been pretty quiet lately.

I also compose and record pretty much any genre of music you'd like and you can find some samples under my MUSIC page.

Latest Release:

A pair of new videos have been released. One for Ki Oni's track On The Islands and another for Peel'd's Opening Prayer. You'll find both below:



Inner Work is another release under my full name out on Histamine Tapes

Download and Purchase HERE

From Particles under my full name out on Aural Canyon

Digital & Cassette Available Here

The Forces by Electric Sound Bath on Patient Sounds

Digital & Cassette Available HERE

Electric Sound Bath and Inner Travels Split Cassette on Aural Canyon. We're pretty stoked to have this release out; it features some slightly different musical processes than normal, yet still remains heavily blissful

Electric Sound Bath has collaborated with Jesse Fleming on a meditation cassette. Out on Crash Symbols, Heart and Insight Meditations is a gentle introduction to the world of the mindfulness. 

Greyghost and Electric Sound Bath have tracks on Aural Canyon's Benefit for Planned Parenthood. All proceeds go towards this wonderful organization that truly need support in this time of extreme masculine energy throbbing out of the White House. 


Moon Drip is the latest release by Electric Sound Bath, released by Fluere Tapes


Scattered Clouds is the first track off of Moon Drip, the forecoming album from Electric Sound Bath



Electric Sound Bath on Tiny Mix Tapes

The Current Sea on The Creator's Project

The Current Sea on Installation Magazine (#GIFofFools one + two)

greyghost in Pitchfork
greyghost in New York Times