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Greyghost and Electric Sound Bath have tracks on Aural Canyon's Benefit for Planned Parenthood. All proceeds go towards this wonderful organization that truly need support in this time of extreme masculine energy throbbing out of the White House. 


Moon Drip is the latest release by Electric Sound Bath, released by Fluere Tapes


Scattered Clouds is the first track off of Moon Drip, the forecoming album from Electric Sound Bath


Prism Pipe PP2 features Video Art by me and music by Channelers


Prism Pipe PP1 featuring "Muted Mantra" by Electric Sound Bath; Video by Sarah Zucker


"Halcyonic Hallucinations" collaboration with Teasips

"Seasion of Maintenance" collaboration with Teasips


In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, this track was recorded and improised on Sept. 23rd 2015


Electric Sound Bath — "Maia Frequency"
Out Now on deepwhitesound
This release features a PDF of Sage Moss, a Macro Photography zine created and shot by Ang Wilson and myself.

l'éternèbre — "The Spirit Bridge
Out Now on Patient Sounds (cassette)
This recording was sporatically developed when Natalie vistsed Los Angeles and when I visted Chicago.


Video by The Current Sea

Electric Sound Bath — "Secular Liminality"
Out Now on Thundercloud Records (cassette) and Bandcamp
For this release, we compiled some Macro Photography footage and created a New Hive netart peice.


Electric Sound Bath on Tiny Mix Tapes

The Current Sea on The Creator's Project

The Current Sea on Installation Magazine (#GIFofFools one + two)

greyghost in Pitchfork
greyghost in New York Times

Who I am and What I do

I play the bass guitar and I use it to craft beautiful ambient soundscapes and experimental New Age music.
My Solo Work can be found under the name greyghost
Electric Sound Bath, with Angela Wilson, is a Meditation Music project
I co-founded #ScreamingClaws, an improvised music collective.

I also compose and record pretty much any genre of music you'd like and you can find some samples under my COMMISSIONS page.

Net Art & The Current Sea

I am a computer person, too; making GIFs at all hours of the night and pretending I know how to code a website. I co-founded The Current Sea, a net art studio where we specialize in Animated GIF and Internet Art. 

Check out my Instagram (look at it in the Grid View)

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